Sunday, July 29, 2012

What do you dream about?

One of my favorite Bare Naked Ladies songs has always been the song that repeats the question: When you dream, what do you dream about?

Mostly my dreams are wierd and not to be mentioned, however, when I dream about pipes there are some dreams with noting.

I dream about smoking a pipe that has a loop in the stem.  Even though I could never clean it.

I dream about being able to blow a smoke ring and then blowing a puff of smoke cleanly through the hole in said smoke ring.

I dream about smoking my pipe at work.

I dream about smoking in such a way that it makes me look dignified,

I dream about smoking with some of the bloggers and YouTube pipe smokers that I have watched. Particularly Chris, Pipe Pastor, Joffrey, Bold O'D, Kevin, and a few select others.

I dream of sharing a pipe with Mr. B.  I just hope he will carry the conversation.

I dream of investing several hundred dollars into my tobacco cellar, just for fun.

I dream of living in a world where people once again appreciate the fine art of pipe smoking and admire those who have taken the time to master the art as they should.

What do you dream about?

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