Thursday, June 16, 2016

Capstan Blue

Most of my pipe pleasure has been found in Carter Hall of late. So simple, so satisfying. I never seem to tire of this magnificent all-day smoke. But there are those times when one wants a bit more complexity and distraction. 

For this I have been turning to the blue tin of Capstan which sat on my shelf for the last two years or so. It is a lovely flake that fits in well with all of those good, honest tobaccos that offers a purity and goodness that I love in a pipe tobacco. It burns well and has a satisfying sweetness that draws me in beautifully. 

Progressing into the bowl both weight and complexity increase. The blend gets more intense just as you would want a blend to become more intense. Like a casual acquaintance who becomes more interesting the longer you know him, this blend is not gaudy or insecure. It keeps me masterfully entertained throughout the smoke. 

It finishes with a lovely flourish in which I always wind up trying a bit to hard to light the dottle. It is too satisfying to want another bowl but to satisfied to want to see the bowl end. This tobacco is lovely.