Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Haunted Bookshop

These weeks have made way for much satisfying pipe smoking. And with increased pipe smoking there is an increasing desire to write about said lovely pleasure. But what has been the head? Great question. Still a great variety of Latakia blends. I just finished my small tin of three oaks by macclelland. So nice. Great Virginia's mixed with the finest Latakia, for all I know! There has also been a good amount of Frog Morton burning up, one of my few repeat purchases. Along with Nitecap and Black Mallory. I have recently purchased two new 'baccys one Presbyterian which I invested in because I once went to a Presbyterian Church and found that everyone there was rather smokey already, so why not go for the gold! Seriously though, I'll let you know when I crack that tin. I have a handful of tins open that I have not yet finished. Including some Irish flake which is another repeat purchase, and very rewarding. I would much like to try Full Virginia Flake and Squadron Leader. But that is still future tense. The other new tobacco I have cracked enjoyed several good bowls: haunted bookshop by c and d's. This is a really nice burley blend. And it really has a nice flavor. Keep in mind, I love Burley Over The Counter blends. I do have a dream of buying a big tin of carter hall before the year is out, but it is money and I simply don't smoke enough of it to justify the purpose. Actually, i think I just like the size of the jar, on top of adoring Carter Hall, which I very much do. So Haunted Bookshop tastes to mee like all of he things I love about CH plus a perfect seasoning of perique. It really is just right, a bit more and it would gobble up the nutty burley flavor a bit less and you may not appreciate it as a major part of the blend. Double win on this one. Because someone may ask, there is also no chemical taste like unto CH. it's a good sturdy blend, likely a repurchase, though at this point I promise nothing.

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  1. I keep meaning to order some haunted bookshop, I am always inspired to try it from watching John's (aka matches860) videos.