Thursday, January 15, 2015

Latakia Nights

So very long since I have posted.  Thank you, dear reader for checking back in.  It seems to have been ages.  The reason is simple.  I have not been smoking my pipes enough lately.  Cold weather? Yes.  Busy? Sure.  Mostly just bad priorities.  I have suffered in my mental state for not taking the careful and conscious time of reflection and smoking.  I haven't sacrificed any animals or anything of that nature or woken up in a place that I didn't fall asleep...I have just been stretched.  It is time to get the pipes out.  It is time to return.

The Latakia called me back.

Special Balkan from Edwards.  The cool kindness of Latakia called me back to the great contemplative pass-time.  So wonderful.  There was reviewer of this lovely tobacco that suggested that it makes them feel like they just finished Thanksgiving dinner.  This is a smoke that brings great satisfaction to me.  It isn't just the latakia, the whole package together provides an sense of pleasure that demands that everything slow down.  To a halt.  The world can commence once the experience is over.  And so it is.  The pipe must be smoked and the Special Balkan is supreme.