Friday, May 7, 2010

Cigar Tobacco?

On the recommendation of another pipe smoker I decided to try Billy Budd by Cornell and Deihl. This is described by C&D's as: "A heavy Latakia blend with rough-cut burly,bright Virginia flake and a good amount of rough-cut cigar leaf. Created for our late friend Sailorman Jack." I enjoyed this blend great deal. At first, the idea of a cigar leaf in a pipe tobacco blend didn't really appeal to me. I'm not really enamored with cigars in any way, however, this was so highly recommended that I had to give it a shot.

I love the latakia, I love the cool feeling that this provides in the tongue. This tobacco smokes cool and is enjoyably. It is a truly unique tobacco. I don't imagine that this would ever become one of my mainstay tobaccos, but I do enjoy it every time I smoke it. The cigar leaf does come through in force, and even seems to eclipse the pipe tobacco in it, but there is a sense of a continued conversation throughout the bowl. It's different, and fun, not too exciting to be an every day smoke.

I don't imagine that I will be a serious cigar smoker any time soon, but this is a nice experience. I will surely order this tobacco again!

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