Sunday, November 1, 2009

Totally into that!

I think I just got it. There are many who get into pipe smoking for the beautiful variety and fun of collecting and restoring pipes. I can understand this, but it really isn't me. I had always thought that I was cared more about the tobacco and the practice of smoking than the pipes themselves. This is probably still true.
Then I ran into this article online ( and I gotta say it scratched me right where I itched. This has always been it! I don't think anything I would make would last very long, but I imagine I wouldn't mind making another one. Finding a cherry tree I'm not so convinced I can do though I will probably obsess about this until it happens. Burn it out, make another one. Then eventually go back to my standard pipes. I just have to admit. This is the kind of pipe collecting I could really come to enjoy. I will have to find out how they smoke before coming to any final decisions but the idea is pretty firm and since I don't usually smoke a bowl to hot I imagine that I could make a bowl like this last a while. for thought.
This reveals something to me. The creative person that I am would rather have something ugly that I made, eat something disgusting that I cooked, smoke something wretched that I drilled out myself than enjoy the work of a better artist. I have no excuse for this. I imagine hat this is strange? Perhaps. I don't think it's megalomania, because I don't imagine my creations to be in anyway as good as those who have acquired a level of skill and artistry that surpasses any I will every reach. I would just rather be involved in the process. I am available to discuss the many reasons why I may feel this way, but I don't really feel like I want to address this issue with a view to changing it. Go figure.

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  1. I think you are on to something. We create because the Creator made us in His image, right? so creating things makes our souls sing. I like that. Make a pipe, make many! Sell them on etsy!
    love you so much . . .