Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Time's the Charm!

Well, here it is! This is the first home made, hand made, corn cob pipe that I have ever made. I was going to try to make one out of wood, but I heard that there are great risks involved in trying to smoke from the wrong kind of wood. Corn is safe. I found out also that you need a fat cob to really pull it off properly because this one only holds a narrow shaft of tobacco and that limits effectiveness for anything but my goal of having made a pipe myself and enjoying it for what it is! Next time we will be able to work wit a large cob and hopefully have a large bowl. Nevertheless, this one does work and is very rustic. I dehydrated the cob in a food dehydrator overnight and carved it out with a pocket knife and a drill. I glued the stem into the bowl and stole a vinyl mouthpiece from another Missouri Meerschaum cob pipe that I have had for a couple of year. Great stuff. I'm only two smokes in, but I enjoy it for the uniqueness, and right off the bat there was nothing but a special sweetness attached, though a whole bowl is done is less than a quarter of an hour.


  1. YOU are a crafty pipe-maker, Brad!
    Very cool!

  2. I love it. I did something very similar way back when I was in high school. Out in Kansas back in the day, we had some monster corn cobs. Don't know when I got so snooty but I don't have a singel corn cob pipe these days.